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My Story:
"Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole"-Roger Caras

Ever since I was a little girl I have had a dog or two. I can not imagine a day starting off with out a slobbery kiss, or ending my night with out a dog curled up at my feet... can you? 

It all started with an English Springer Spaniel named, Molly. Molly was full of energy, love & drive. I taught her all kinds of tricks & commands. However, Molly was the real teacher. She taught me love, compassion, patience, trust & loyalty. Traits that I have carried with me every step of my career. Of course, as they all do- Molly left me way to soon, but my need for a best friend was strong.

It took me a few years to fill the void but, a solid black German Shepherd named Dakota welcomed himself into my life. Along with Dakota, I started my family. I had my first daughter, Jessica, my goodness did Dakota LOVE her. He was our protector, our watch dog. Dakota taught me skills that I use in my every day to day life. Drive, alertness, independence, hard work the list could go on.

A few years later I welcomed by second daughter in to the world, Jennifer. Dakota had passed on, and I was on the hunt for a family dog. Well as you all know, the ALL AMERICAN Golden Retriever is at the top of that list. I searched high & low for the perfect fit... and boy did I find it-But not only did I buy one, I bought two!! Copper & Lady, who later started it all! 

Puppies were always a dream of mine when I was a little girl, & I was going to make sure that my daughters had the opportunity to experience bringing a life into the world. So with that being said Copper & Lady had their first litter of puppies. Looking back I do not know how we didn't keep them all. When it was time for the puppies to go home tears fell; happy & sad tears- but seeing the Smile on the new families faces was something I knew I wanted to see again.... and boy have I seen some amazing grins, cried some of the happiest tears & made some great friendships.

After our two love birds, Copper & Lady had passed, other dogs came into our lives to fill the void. But it wasn't until I brought home a Standard Poodle that I knew I wanted to raise Doodles, a hybrid that created a healthy, adorable dog that lived longer and didn't shed as much as the parent breed. The rest is history. I'm leaving so much out, so many dogs, so many events, so many blessings. They all touch your heart in such a special way. Being able to share my love, my passion, my pedigree with each and everyone of you has absolutely been the biggest blessing a dog crazy girl could ever imagine.

- Jackie Vernon